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Election Guidelines 2018/19

Appeal for Candidacy for TSUK Executive Committee Members

Universal truth is that the time and tide waits for no one and the present Executive Committee members have has completed their tenure successfully and time has come to elect/select new batch of Executive Committee Members. We know that the present Committee members have worked exceptionally hard and please let us join our hands to congratulate them, well done and thank you.

Therefore we are writing to announce that the candidacy for next executive committee is now open. First and foremost we do request for voluntary candidacy to serve our beloved, proud and exclusive community.

1. Election Date: 12.01.2019 at the Annual General Meeting at Aldershot.

2. The following Posts are vacant:



Vice Chairman

General Secretary



Assistant Treasurer

Public Relations

Sports Member

Assistant Sports Member

Entertainment Member

Assistant Entertainment Member

3. Please check the membership registration list sent by the Treasurer for voting and candidacy eligibility.

4. Candidacy Registration:

Opening Date: 08.12.2018 at 0800 hrs

Closing Date: 08.01.2019 at 1800 hrs

Initial candidacy name list publication by 09.01.2019

Default claim on registered candidate by 10.01.2019

Decision upon default claim by 11.01.2019

Final candidacy list publication by 12.01.2019

5. Please note that only the registered and valid members will be eligible to vote and register as the candidate for TSUK.

Election Guidelines 2018/19

Appeal for Candidacy for TSUK Executive Committee Members

6. All candidates are advised to attend the AGM/Election Day, however, if unable to attend all candidates are to notify the election committee in advance, however they will still be eligible to be elected/selected in absentia.

7. Multiple candidacy;

All candidates are to be nominated and seconded by at least one TSUK members. In case of multiple candidacy voting will be done by raising their hands by the members present during AGM and a simple majority is required to win the election.

8. All electoral rules and regulations followed by election committee is authorised by the constitution of TSUK.

9. Any disputes regarding the election matter will be mediated by the election committee members and if required the decision of the Election Committee will be final.

10. Communications and Contacts for electoral issues:

Nagendra Khand

Mob: 07951737745


Dol Malla

Mob: 07788873278


11. All the electoral informations will be updated and distributed on TSUK official website, TSUK Viber group and via email in due course.

Any suggestions on this matter are most welcome .


Mr Nagendra Dhoj Khand - Election Coordinator

Mr Dol Mall - Election Member

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