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Dear Thakuri Samaj  (United Kingdom) Members,





Thank you all for electing me as our Samaj’s Chairman for next three years (2015 – 2018). It’s a great honour to serve the Samaj that we all belong to. I will stand steadfastly to maintain our ethical values. Of course there are challenges and constraints but we can strive and endeavour if we remain united. My sincere gratitude goes to my predecessor Capt. (Retd). Bishnu Singh sahib and former Chairmen and Executive Members who helped to bring Samaj to this level.


Migration and social integration will be continued as a natural process therefore our social harmony within the community and beyond will have a significance presence. Our future generation will face immense challenges locally and globally but we can’t compromise our ethos and ethical essences. The global phenomenon of 21st century is facing another identity crisis, we as Thakuri community is no exception for our survival and extinction. I strongly urge our youngsters and fellow members to support our Samaj wholeheartedly. Your patronage towards our unique Samaj means “Unity amongst diversity”.


Outgoing Secretary “Master of Ceremony”, Kum raja and his team must be congratulated for their hard work for organising our Dashain and Tihar party on 1 November 2015, at Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College in Farnborough. The ambience was second to none so were the presence and variety of cultural programmes, sound system, foods and beverages etc. Worth noting non-stop “Dhamaka” dance was as good as “Nach Baliye”, if not better though we had time restriction.

Finally I would like to thank you - all outgoing committee members for their contribution and hard work during their tenure.


I look forward to seeing you all on 9th January 2016 (venue and details to be confirmed), on the auspicious occasion of Prithvi Narayan Jayanti and Annual General Meeting.


Jay Thakuri Samaj UK



Bhakta B. Sahi

Chairman TSUK


2nd November 2015