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Executive Members Apr 06-Sep 09

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Chairman: Mr Nagendra Dhoj Khand Vice Chairman: Mr Bhagwan Kumar Malla Secretary: Mr Tharka Sen Asst Secretary: Mr Ammar Malla Treasurer: Mr Krishna Dhoj Shahi MBE Asst Treasurer: Mr Bajindra Malla Public Relations: Mr Pratap Shahi Entertainment OIC: Mr Deepak Hamal Entertainment 2IC: Mr Bhakta Malla Ladies Representatives: Mrs Puspa Malla and Mrs Laxmi Sen Area Representatives: Mr Dil Bahadur Malla, Mr Sherjung Shahi, Mr Bhakta Malla, Mr Dipak Kumar Malla, Mr Bal Bikram Shahi, Mr Keshar Malla, Mr Prithvinarayan Khand and Mr Durga Chand. Advisors: Maj Dhan Bahadur Chand, Dr Shyam Chand, Maj(Retd) Sovit Bahadur Hamal Thakuri MVO, Dr Yam Bahadur Malla and Dr Sunir Malla.

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Chairman Mr Nagendra Dhoj Khand Apr 06 - Sep 09

All Members of the Thakuri Samaj,UK First of all on behalf of the Thakuri Samaj, UK let me welcome you to the Thakuri Samaj, UK. The Thakuri Samaj, UK was originally formed in 2004 to look after the welfare of the Thakuris and their families living in the United Kingdom. The tradition of creating social organisations started abundantly when the Gurkhas were given the right to settle in the United Kingdom and hence some Gurkhas led by Sovit Hamal Thakuri decided to form the Thakuri Samaj, UK. The Thakuri Samaj UK is the official organisation of the Thakuri community living in the United Kingdom and has more than 100 members at present and is still expanding. I would like to take this opportunity to request all Thakuris to join hands to the unity and integrity of our beloved Samaj by participating on the activities organised by the Samaj and encouraging those Thakuris who are yet to become the member of the Samaj. I would like to thank all Advisors, Committee Members and general members of the Thakuri Samaj, UK for the help and interest they have given to run the Thakuri Samaj, UK smoothly. I believe that we are one of the luckiest people to have chance to settle in United Kingdom giving us, and especially our children the golden opportunity and bright future. We are far away from our motherland and therefore it is important for us to remind our children not to forget that, first and foremost, we are a Nepali and then a Thakuri and we have to keep and preserve the rich and proud Thakuri tradition and culture together with the Nepalese/British tradition and culture. Jai Thakuri Samaj, UK Nagendra Dhoj Khand Chairman Thakuri Samaj UK April 2006 - September 2009